Dental Implant Options

Single Stage Dental Implant

With a Single-stage implant, a healing abutment is placed at the time of surgery. AN abutment may be a instrumentality that attaches the implant from the bone into the mouth and that protrudes through the gum tissues. Following a three to six month healing amount within which the implant fuses to the bone, a crown is then placed on the implant restoring the immediate look of a healthy, traditional tooth. Single-stage implant systems are usually used once the bone quality is nice, guaranteeing sensible initial implant stability. They’re conjointly used once cosmetics aren’t a priority, like the rear areas of the mouth.

Single Stage Dental Implants

Under exceptional conditions dental implant is placed and a crown placed is on prime of it at an equivalent time. However, this is often a really special circumstance requiring ideal conditions and surgical expertise further as crown fabrication ability. it’s typically safer associated wiser to not subject an implant to biting forces till it’s absolutely well and integrated with the supporting bone.

Two Stage Dental Implant

A two-stage procedure is usually used for exchange teeth where there’s no immediate would like for a cosmetic answer and once a lot of a margin of safety is needed. With this approach, the implant(s) are placed into the jawbone and also the gum tissues cowl them. They’re not exposed to the mouth; however keep buried and left to heal. Once recovered, a second surgery is performed to connect AN abutment for securing the crown in situ. This approach is employed once there’s poorer bone quality or amount. This might create it necessary to regenerate bone round the implant at the time of its placement. There may additionally be different health issues dictating that a two-stage approach could also be indicated.

Two Stages Dental Implants

Depending on your individual state of affairs and medical standing, our implant team can verify that approach is best for you.

BOI Dental Implants

BOI implants are the foremost advanced system inside the cluster of Basal Implants. BOI implants together with alternative single piece implants permits dental restoration for nearly each patient. It’s even appropriate for those who have antecedent unsuccessful implantation procedures attributable to inadequate jaw bones and bone recession.

There is no other like any further for long and painful procedures for bone augmentation – sinus carry, bone graft. Even diabetic patients, smokers and patients with severe gum unwellness are often treated with equal success.

The BOI implant system surgery has been employed in medicine for over thrity years.

These implants are simple for immediate loading. 72-73 hours straight when the implants are inserted our patients will receive their bridge! There’s nothing have to be compelled to wait through an extended recovery time with facilitate of our denturist your new teeth are often mounted in situ at intervals five business days

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